Every working week should be three days long. We might be a little bit poorer, but I think we’d be happier too. I spent the Easter long weekend in Brisbane with J. Brisbane isn’t the prettiest city around but it has everything you need for a relaxing break. We ate brownies at Dello Mano, went to an awesome whisky bar, saw the Grand Budapest Hotel (amazing! It strikes a perfect balance of hilarious and dark, the sets and costuming are gorgeous and somehow it manages to capture that sense of grumbling grandeur that was everywhere when I travelled in Eastern Europe). We wandered aimlessly through GOMA/Queensland Art Gallery and had a surprisingly satisfying Thai meal at a little cafe called Bo Lan. Lest you think that all we did was eat, there was a long run in there too, I made a pretty pathetic attempt at lifting weights and we cycled everywhere. Also, I got the best fortune cookie in the history of fortune cookies. All in all, it was pretty great. Even better, today is a public holiday and I plan on spending the entire long weekend cooking and blogging. Have a good one xo

Fortune cookie

This is such a cool idea.

I wouldn’t go back to high school but sometimes I wish I was young enough to be part of the Tavi Generation.

Celebrities who instagram just like us.

I want to go to San Francisco so bad.

Pyjamas. Enough said.

A new (to me) blog I’m loving.

Anzac biscuits!


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