Hooo boy, March has been a real doozy (how on earth do you spell doozy? doozie?). A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I were driving home to Canberra late on a Friday night and about 75 km from home, we hit a wombat. It was like hitting a block of concrete; they’re such solid creatures! It did so much damage that my car has been written off and my nerves definitely took a beating (just call me Mrs Bennett!) – standing on the side of a highway  in the middle of nowhere with cars going past at 110 km/hour in the pitch dark  is no picnic. To top it off, last week a hot water bottle burst on me, giving me a pretty spectacular burn. It’s finally started to heal and I should be heading back to work next week. Hurrah!!

I haven’t been doing a huge amount of cooking lately (or photography!) but I’m going to try and use my last few days off work to bake something deliciously complicated. In the meantime, here are some lovely links and things I’ve been reading/seeing/exploring lately.

This is our current book club read. I devoured it in less than a week and seriously, it has such a gorgeous cover. I’m on the lookout for something new to read now I’ve finished this. Any recommendations?

This chocolate coconut pound cake is just about the only thing I’ve baked in the past month – it’s so good not even a car accident and a few hospital visits could make me forget it.

Hart of Dixie is my guilty pleasure.

This recipe looks beautiful (and so healthy!).

I had a quick lunch at Lemonia with my dad last week and it totally hit the spot. The coffee was perfection!

Loved Winter’s Bone.

Dying to purchase this entire make up range.

Back soon. Fingers crossed. Xo


  1. Georgie says

    Oh Anna, I spent all last week searching for the perfect chocolate coconut cake recipe! I had a favourite one in an ancient woman’s weekly book at home and struggled to find something like it. Of course your blog was the first place I checked but I was a week too-early again… and, I’m still too lazy to beat butter by hand! I was also planning to make your roast carrot, pumpkin and rocket salad for dinner, but I may try this new carrot recipe instead now 🙂

    • Anna says

      I love all those old AWW cookbooks. Have you made the chocolate coconut bars in the Big Book of Beautiful Biscuits? They’re so good!! I don’t mind beating butter by hand but this coconut pound cake needs to be beaten for 15 minutes in the mixer so I can’t imagine how long it would take by hand! If you try the carrot recipe let me know how it turns out, I’m very curious! xx

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